Cracked Egg

Welcome to the Cracked Egg, random posts about random things but probably mostly about chickens, birds, art, and other wonderful amazing things you won’t want to miss, really, I promise….How could you stand to miss one adorable story about the fabulous lives of my chickens?  We currently have 4 (normal size) hens, and 4 (not so normal, totally fuzzy, really adorable) silkie chickens.  The silkies live separate lives from the larger hens, so its really like two micro flocks.  We love them.  They are spoiled chickens.  They all have names, below is Maggie Chewbacca Feet and Gabbie Crabbie Ass, shes a little cranky from time to time, her and the two babies that came with her are the newest additions, Maggie was lonely, and I had what I like to call “chicken guilt.”  So off to a small chicken farm we went to collect Gabbie, who came with two free babies which we have named Princess Lilly Loony Toons and Eddie Retard.  (I know I know so non-PC of me.)

So that is it for now, but there will be lots more to come as we have many adventures with crazy bird lady aka CrackedEgglet (instagram), Sveva (Renderosity), cosmosue (almost everywhere else since 1998.)  Welcome to the coop…


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