New Year, New Products, New Listings!

Happy New Year!  I hope the best for everyone in 2017.  Currently I am working (aren’t I always?) on some new products for my Renderosity Shop, (over 800 digital art products!), there were 15 NEW releases in December, AND I have just listed another 50-100 items in my Poshmark Closet where I have over 300 listings (mostly name brands), some NWT (new with tags) some NWOT, and lots of gently used/loved items including denim, tops, jewelry, dresses, etc.!

We also had a release in late December at “Ceramic Candle Holders” which is still on sale 30% OFF, for both Iray & 3Delight!


Working 3 shops from home is very time-consuming! I am still finding time almost every single day to fit in at least a 30 minute work out.  Yesterday I did about a 1.5 mile jog/walk in 40 degrees with a slight rain, good way to wake up!  I absolutely LOVE my 42m Apple iWatch, love love love it, its a great asset to losing a few inches/lbs when you have to close those activity rings every day!  ALL of my old jeans fit, in fact I had to buy a few new pairs size 2!  Feeling pretty good, even if still recovering slightly from a bad sinus infection!

With so much going on, I still somehow have time to catch up on my favorite shows and my favorite thing to do, READ, almost finished watching The OA for the second time, I highly recommend this Netflix original, 8 amazing episodes to this beautiful story.  As for my reading, I am currently on book 2 “The Twelve” by Justin Cronin, I loved the first book, “The Passage” and recommend these fantasy/apocalyptic books to anyone who is a fan of Stephen King and horror/fantasy/fiction etc.  I, of course, am the BIGGEST Stephen King fan, yep, that is me #1 Fan Girl!  I recently finished “IT” which was of course AMAZING.  I can’t bring myself to finish watching the series “Haven” because, well, then it would be all over!  I am very much looking forward to the upcoming Dark Tower movie and others he is working on!

As for my chickens, they are doing great, though we did lose one of the baby silkies, the little blue “Eddie” died of what I think to be natural causes.  We went ahead and treated for worms and cocci just to be safe, but everyone seems fine.  Looney Tunes (little fuzzy white silkie) seems to have a bit of “chicken depression” over the loss of her hatch mate, but she’s doing better and eating more.  Gabbie has become the ultimate “lap chicken” – if you follow me on FB or Instagram you have seen the pics!  Shes adorable, sits on my lap for hours if I let her!  She was even laying eggs for almost 2 weeks straight but has since gone on a break.  Silkies and egg laying is a fickle thing!  BUT my white Leghorn “Tiny” AKA “Camilla” has completely finished her molt, her comb and wattle is bright red again and she’s even more pretty than she was, and she just started to lay big white eggs again!  *insert egg song here* BAWK BAWK BAWK!

That about sums it up, I hope everyone had a safe NYE and a great Holiday Season!

Check out some of the NEW Products in my Renderosity Shop!

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