How Blatant Disregard and Entitlement Attitude Helps Create Division and Fuel Anger

Op-Ed by Susan Justice

Welcome to new “Clown World” honk honk, where total disrespect and selfish tendencies rule and everything right is wrong.  However, the world still doesn’t revolve around you, your kids, your pets, <insert anything else you like right here!>


In this age, most of us are living separate lives aside from our families and friends, we all have our own set of problems, but what you are doing in public may have an affect, even a lasting affect, on the people around you.  You do not want more stress, and neither do I. You are not the only one shopping at the grocery store, the UPS store is not just for your packages, and my lawn? My lawn definitely does not belong to you and it’s not your dog’s personal toilet, do you see where I am going with this?  Let’s explore how it would look if I dropped my pants and pooped on your lawn, actually let’s not, now I can’t get the disturbing vision out of my head though it would probably make a great viral video!


The Sick Stay Home Epidemic


The produce doesn’t want your flu and neither do I.  The shopping cart isn’t a place to wipe your snot. Buy some tissues, or bring your own for yourself, for the cart, for your kids, and for the love of god cover your mouth.  Amazing as it sounds they now sell wipes that help kill germs, carrying a small travel pack of these might help everyone! Let’s employ some common sense especially if you work in the food industry!  It isn’t always possible to stay home, so at least be considerate.

People have Allergies to your “Emotional Support” Animal


Some people are allergic to your pets, allergy induced asthma is a thing, (even if you claim your dog is hypoallergenic, it isn’t) I should not need to use my inhaler to breathe because my throat is slowly closing on me while on an airplane or in a grocery store because you couldn’t leave your untrained “comfort dog” “Pookie” at home. Dog dander can stay behind for months and cause issues for people with allergies, especially those with severe allergies.  You may love your dog, but that does not mean I do. I find it absolutely ridiculous to see someone walk into a store carrying a 40lb dog in their arms without even taking a leash, like its a child. What if you put your dog down, it runs off and bites an actual child? Lawsuit! This is not the place for your dog. Have you ever been shopping and had a dog just run up to you, try to jump on you, scratch you, bark in your face?  This is not how I want to do my shopping.


While we are on the subject of your beloved allergy inducing pooch, please stop it from barking ALL NIGHT and all day and in the grocery store, in edition, stop letting it run lose around the neighborhood chasing other people’s animals.  I am tired of coaxing my cats out of my trees, fixing my landscaping, and running dogs off and out of my own yard. I sued a neighbor who let their dog run lose every night because he killed and dismembered all of my chickens. I won. Video surveillance is a great thing.


These are just a few examples of complete and total disregard for those around you, maybe you feel entitled that your “Pookie” should be allowed to do what your “Pookie” wants, well the truth is, he/she and dogs in general can have negative health impacts on others, as well as cause a great deal of anxiety for some, and even large amounts of property damage. Stop thinking of only yourself.


My lawn, your dog, it’s problematic.


I spend a good amount of time every week on my lawn, rose garden, and veggie gardens, I do a lot of yard work in general, I enjoy it.  I do most work on the property manually. I like to think I have some nice curb side appeal that has taken me over 10 years of laborious work. So what right?  Why should anyone care about my yard except me? I am not asking you to care about it, I am only asking you to be considerate of it. If you have a dog and you walk your dog, why do you seem to think it’s OK to use my lawn as your dog’s toilet?  Do you think I don’t notice? I promise you I notice, I especially notice when you do it five feet from where I am standing, and you smile like it’s funny, but that is before I verbally rip your head off. Now who’s smiling? When I have to chase your dog away from my livestock I don’t always carry a broom, do you get that?

Moving on to the Lotto Ticket Crisis


One of my favorites, you are at the gas station and the person in the front of the line has 30 lotto tickets to scratch, scan, collect on, and wants to buy more, they can’t even find a coin to scratch with and there is 8 people late for work behind them, but that’s not all, they want to also pick their lotto ticket numbers for that nights powerball! All while everyone else stands behind them waiting!  Step aside lady, have some common courtesy.


The “fire lane” isn’t your parking spot.


In yet another incident, I had a small package to drop at the UPS store, I only needed to hop out of my car, run in, hand it to the clerk, and run out, this process takes less than 30 seconds.  The front of the UPS store is not a parking spot.  So by all means, go right ahead and park there for twenty minutes while you chat up the clerk,buy greeting cards, and pay for your shipping, the rest of the world can go around you because god forbid you ever be inconvenienced by a short walk to the store from a (legal) parking space when planning to spend more than a few seconds doing a drop off.


Just another demonstration of total disregard for other people, zero lack of concern for anyone else, and all done with the entitlement attitude on full display.  So again, no, I will not keep quiet any longer, and I don’t really care if your feelings are hurt over it.


Pick your item up “in store” even though it doesn’t exist issue.


What a time waster.  You know what I mean, a brick and mortar store has items listed as in stock at a location, you might even go so far as to check out, pay, and select pick up, only to get there and the store has no idea what the item is, it is most definitely NOT in stock, in fact they probably don’t even carry it anywhere on earth. There is nothing to pick up, you need a refund.  You show the customer service desk that the website is displaying 2 left in stock. You call another store location and an automated system tells you to check the website for current stock. How very very helpful! Half the day is gone chasing the elusive item the store is telling you they don’t have that the website says they do, and you better hope to all that is holy that it doesn’t require pre-assembly because I can guarantee that is not happening.  Are stores doing this to bring in more customers in hopes they will find something else to buy instead of what they originally bought or needed? Well I am calling ahead, and yes you are going to deal with me, obviously your smart website AI or catalogue system is broken, and no I am not buying the item I did not come for.


Maybe if someone tells you how big of a shit you are being you might consider someone other than yourself for once.  


I am done being a nice girl.


I have spent most of my life “being nice” because that was how I was raised, be nice. Be nice to people you don’t know, be nice to people you do know, everyone is going through something.  Seems legit, be nice and others will be nice to you. Be considerate and others will be considerate too, set a good example. Follow the “Golden Rule.” Well being nice (and considerate) in general is great, and I do encourage you to be nice when at all possible but it’s getting harder and harder to just be nice, the nice guy really is finishing last, not to mention getting stomped on in the process while having his lawn pooped on.


So I am here to say, I am done being nice if you can’t be nice, the sleeves are rolled up, the filter is off, us nice people are not doormats. You have every right to speak up, say hey, this is wrong, this isn’t right, this is inconsiderate!  What I mean by the filter is off is I may not always say knock it off in such a nice way, even if this means I am in public. Yes you might get told right where to stick it, even with other people around because I have had enough, there is only so much nonsense a person can take.  I am not advocating for violence, let me make that extremely clear, I am advocating for speaking your mind, using your right to free speech to say “hey, not cool, knock it off!” and yes that might come with a few choice words that people may not like.  Behavior isn’t going to change if I stand around and allow it to happen over and over to me. People do not change, but you can change how you react and sometimes someone needs a good telling off!


But draw the line…


You can tell someone to be more considerate until you are blue in the face, but you can’t force them into anything.  We all have the same rights, but it does suck when someone tramples all over your right to breath dog-free by using the grocery cart as a doggy buggy. You can tell someone off, or “lose your shit” as I like to call it, but still the truth is they may not care, not now, not ever, but at least you had your say, feel better now?  I kinda do.


I’m not mad, I am perfectly normal and you are a dick.


Do you think I have gone mad, that I expect everyone to be perfect?  Quite the contrary, I am not saying you have to be perfect, because god knows none of us are, if we were all perfect than I wouldn’t be writing this article, life would be pretty boring, and who would pee on my lawn to make life interesting and fuel the inner fire of my soul?


What I am saying is this, you are not the only person on this planet, there are other people out here.  We have to occupy and share the same space at times, all I am asking of you is to have some respect for other people, be a little more considerate.  The pathetic disregard for others is only helping to create more division among us, and fueling anger towards our fellow humans. We do not need more anger, we need less.

The whole gist of it is you don’t have to always “be nice” just stop being a total asshole, drop the entitlement, be a bit more considerate, and the world might just be a little more cheerful, though I am still going to tell you to get off my lawn, leave my flags alone, read the sign “This is our home, please keep your pets, and their waste off our grass.” Thanks!


(You can get a sign like this too online!)

3 thoughts on “How Blatant Disregard and Entitlement Attitude Helps Create Division and Fuel Anger

  1. I loved this post.
    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that feels like this. I get so irritated when I go to the store and “Pookie” is riding in the cart. Like seriously I put my food in the cart…wth? Oh and “emotional support” dog my ass. While there may be some people that actually need an emotional support animal, I believe the majority to be fake. Similar to the people that are lazy and “buy” handicap placards from doctors that are willing to give you a prescription for it if you slip them a $100. The other thing that irritates is when people tell me about “sneaking” their dogs into hotels. Sometimes even when the hotel had a “dog friendly” room but at an additional charge that they didn’t want to pay. I always call them out on it and tell them “what about the people who are horribly allergic? That’s not fair to them and everyone after you.” They never have a answer… usually just kind of laugh it off. Society just pisses me off in general …


    • Yes! I’ve stayed in those hotels!!! It was a miserable couple days and we had to find a new hotel finally! Even after switching rooms that were supposed to be pet-free omg I was dying! God it was a mess!!!

      Well it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Cause honestly I feel like I am as well Wendy!


      • Oh it’s not just you. I was at Denny’s a couple months back with my dad and husband and this couple came in and sat behind me and had a small dog with them. We got up and moved to another table (angrily). When the waiter (who I think was also the manager) came to take our order and looked confused as to why we switched tables my dad says to him “We moved because I don’t want to eat next to a f****** dog.” My dad is always quiet and super polite so it surprised me when he worded it like that, but I think he really wanted to get the point across that it should be unacceptable to have a dog (this wasn’t even a “service” dog) in a restaurant. I’ve also seen people get very upset when discussing restaurants in my home town (which is a resort community) saying “they won’t allow dogs?!?!?!” like it is some horrible horrible thing or that someone just kicked their child in the head. Sorry for the rambling but this whole thing is sort of a pet peeve of mine. And it’s not that I don’t like dogs and I am not allergic or anything… there’s just a time and place for pets… and next to me at Denny’s isn’t it…

        Sorry for the rant 😛


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