Happy Birthday, Cupcake

Happy Birthday, Cupcake

Today was a crafty filled day! I finally found time to put together this cupcake card! I had done the coloring weeks ago but it’s just been sitting in my unfinished projects pile. It’s all finished now!

  • Cupcake Stamp by Colorado Stamps
  • Arrtx Alcohol Brush Markers
  • White Card Stock
  • Polka Dot Card Stock
  • Stripe Background Stamp
  • Washi Tape
  • White Gel Pen
  • Assorted Sequins
  • Foam Tape
  • Sentiment by Altenew

This was a a very fun coloring project! I adore cupcakes & deserts on cards with colorful patterns! So cheerful!

Arrtx Alcohol Brush Markers are a great alternative to other expensive brands and they blend really well.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!

Mandala Stencil Cards!

Mandala Stencil Cards!

Hello! I finished up a little trio of “mandala” cards using stencils & inks. These are extremely simple to do & fun! They are also quite cheap to make! So for anyone who wants to get into card making – stencils are a pretty inexpensive way to start and you can get some beautiful & fun effects.

I used A2 vertical fold cards but you can do the same technique on any size card.

Materials used:

  • Various mandala stencils (Amazon)
  • Altenew Crisp Dye Inks
  • Distressed Oxide Inks
  • A2 Vertical fold cards
  • Enamel dots (Altenew)
  • Various sequins
  • Washi tape
  • Sentiment stamps
  • Small ink blending tools (Altenew)
  • Foam tape

Assuming your card stock is ready, pick your stencil and place it over where you want the design, attach it very gently with painters tape that won’t tear your paper when you pull it free. I also attach the stencil to my work space to keep it from moving.

Choose your colors and appropriate size blending tool for the job – if your stencil has tiny areas then a small tool is best to avoid getting ink onto the other parts of the card!

Use the ink blending tool and blot it onto your ink pad, then blend it onto the paper in the areas you want that color. Make sure to clean the tool or use a different one when switching to a different color, even if the colors are very similar it may come out looking all one color (which is fine if that’s what you want!) You can also blend two colors together (see below!)

Try blending 2 colors together to get unique looks! This sentiment is stamped on a white banner with a stamped banner below it using foam tape for the pop out effect.

Once you are finished with one area move the stencil to another area and repeat until you feel as though you are done. Stamp the sentiment onto the card directly or use another piece of card stock and foam tape to make it pop out! Finally, add any little embellishments you like or as shown below in the other 2 examples you can use washi tape.

Simple mandala stencil card with 3 sequins & one strip of gold washi tape, the sentiment is stamped directly onto the card front
Close up of the above card
The final card in the trio, a summery blend of colors & enamel dots with 3 strips of washi tape . The sentiment is stamped directly on the card front.

…and that’s it! Very easy and very fun to make! The color combinations are endless and at Amazon you can get a whole set of mandala stencils for relatively cheap!

Have fun and enjoy!