Hello, Eucalyptus

Hello, Eucalyptus

I recently got a stamp set from Simon Says Stamp “Be Kind” it features 3 leaf outlines & some sentiments. I love outline stamps because it saves me the drawing process and I can get right to the coloring process – plus if I mess it up…I can start again easily! Though I do love drawing I don’t always have the time. (I’ve included a picture of the stamp set at the end of this post for anyone who is interested!)

I stamped it using Frayed Burlap Distressed ink. I then painted it using the Lukas Watercolor pan set + extras (like the Lukas gold which I love!)

I cut the painted stamp out with the Brother Scan & Cut, and I also cut a second one in dark green only slightly larger (.08) to adhere behind the original.

I fiddled. A lot. I chose an A2 kraft brown card base. I kept changing the background and adding more ink, finally deciding to emboss with gold in random areas for a “distressed” look. I almost tossed it and started over, but I hate wasting paper!

I embossed a “hello” sentiment from Altenew on white & added a few dew drops.

The end result looks a bit like gold wooden planks. It wasn’t my intention but that’s what I think it looks like!

The inside has a white insert, left blank.

2 rounded corners for interest & style (the second one is out of frame, bottom left!)
I think the painting part was easier than the assembly!

Love the stamp set, will definitely be using it again! It can be colored so many different ways. See below for the exact set!

“Be Kind” Clear Stamp Set from SSS!

That’s it for now! I have a few other cards to post soon!

Painting Watercolor Crystals

Painting Watercolor Crystals

Hello! I really want to share one of my favorite things to draw/paint – crystals! These are two works I created last year, but I was lucky enough to remember to take progress photos! So I thought this would make a great blog post to share my process.

  • Sketch
  • Pick my colors/mix
  • I chose liquid watercolors for this
  • Cold Press Watercolor Paper
  • Look at pictures and/or your own crystals
The cleaned up sketch on Fabriano cold press with some color blocked in.

Next I continue adding more color…

I keep adding more color, each crystal a slightly different shade of blue/purple. Keep in mind crystals that are close to each other will pick up the colors from the one(s) next to it. Don’t forget the darker areas where the crystals would be touching.

I continue to add color until it’s finished, at the end I use a very small brush to make horizontal hash marks across the crystals to show their natural pattern.

The finished painting & my palette/brush/paints, I used the Dandelion Liquids by Let’s Make Art.
The finished painting.
This was another crystal painting I did in the same way as the above, however for this one I used the “Radiant” Dr. Ph. Martin’s liquid watercolor paints and they are VERY bright!

Overall I love liquid watercolors, but the Radiant come out much brighter and colorful, I prefer the slightly more subdued versions, though the Radiants are gorgeous! They really worked well for the butterfly!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy crystals too!