AECP “Clean & Simple Boutique Cards” course practice (again!)

AECP “Clean & Simple Boutique Cards” course practice (again!)

I just love this course! Having a lot of fun making very simple cards with stamps on card base only! This is my latest attempt and I think so far it’s my favorite. I LOVE these colors – I’ve used them more than any other colors so far!

  • Altenew Crisp Dye Inks (“Sea Shore” set
  • Black Ink
  • Altenew “Enchanting Beauty” Stamp Set
  • White Card Stock
  • Cream Card Stock (insert)
  • Altenew Sentiments
  • Misti Stamp Tool

As stated the card is quite simple! I used the “Sea Shore” set of crisp dye inks to get a bit of an ombré effect on the stamps. I used my Misti Stamp Tool to stamp multiple impressions on both the top & bottom.

I then stamped the large sentiment “believe” but felt it needed more than just “believe” – so I added the second part of the sentiment. That was it! I cut & added a cream card stock insert with 2 rounded corners & stamped the back with my custom art stamp/name.

Simple, clean, and to the point – using only stamps/ink
A second closer view
…and the insert! All finished!

Thank you and enjoy your Sunday!

AECP Clean & Simple Boutique Cards Practice

AECP Clean & Simple Boutique Cards Practice

Hello and happy Saturday! For the AECP class “Clean & Simple Boutique Cards” I have done a couple practice cards so far. This is the 2nd one – making a card with stamps only on the card base is one of the practice assignments. Now I did add 3 enamel dots so maybe I cheated on this one a bit! But I could remake it without. (Truth be told I had a little black ink accident under one of those dots!) Below is a list of my materials.

  • White Card Stock
  • “Watercolor Roses” Altenew Stamp Set
  • Crisp Dye Inks by Altenew
  • Enamel Dots by Altenew
  • Cream Card Stock Insert
  • Black Ink
  • Sentiment from “Enchanting Beauty” Altenew Stamp Set

I grabbed this “Watercolor Roses” stamp set as soon as I saw it because even though I love watercolor – I always have issues with perfect roses! I couldn’t wait to use this set for something simple.

I stamped the roses with “Blush” ink but I gave it a little extra by inking the edges of the rose stamps with “Coral Berry” – the effect gives the edges a bit of depth. I stamped the leaves with “Fresh Leaf” and added “Hunter Green” to the tips. I love giving stamps an ombré effect!

A simple stamped card – practice for the AECP course “Simple & Clean Boutique Cards”

This is a very simple, fun, and quick card to make. I highly recommend this Watercolor Roses set – a beautiful stamp set that stamps gorgeously!

Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy Birthday, Cupcake

Happy Birthday, Cupcake

Today was a crafty filled day! I finally found time to put together this cupcake card! I had done the coloring weeks ago but it’s just been sitting in my unfinished projects pile. It’s all finished now!

  • Cupcake Stamp by Colorado Stamps
  • Arrtx Alcohol Brush Markers
  • White Card Stock
  • Polka Dot Card Stock
  • Stripe Background Stamp
  • Washi Tape
  • White Gel Pen
  • Assorted Sequins
  • Foam Tape
  • Sentiment by Altenew

This was a a very fun coloring project! I adore cupcakes & deserts on cards with colorful patterns! So cheerful!

Arrtx Alcohol Brush Markers are a great alternative to other expensive brands and they blend really well.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!

Mandala Stencil Cards!

Mandala Stencil Cards!

Hello! I finished up a little trio of “mandala” cards using stencils & inks. These are extremely simple to do & fun! They are also quite cheap to make! So for anyone who wants to get into card making – stencils are a pretty inexpensive way to start and you can get some beautiful & fun effects.

I used A2 vertical fold cards but you can do the same technique on any size card.

Materials used:

  • Various mandala stencils (Amazon)
  • Altenew Crisp Dye Inks
  • Distressed Oxide Inks
  • A2 Vertical fold cards
  • Enamel dots (Altenew)
  • Various sequins
  • Washi tape
  • Sentiment stamps
  • Small ink blending tools (Altenew)
  • Foam tape

Assuming your card stock is ready, pick your stencil and place it over where you want the design, attach it very gently with painters tape that won’t tear your paper when you pull it free. I also attach the stencil to my work space to keep it from moving.

Choose your colors and appropriate size blending tool for the job – if your stencil has tiny areas then a small tool is best to avoid getting ink onto the other parts of the card!

Use the ink blending tool and blot it onto your ink pad, then blend it onto the paper in the areas you want that color. Make sure to clean the tool or use a different one when switching to a different color, even if the colors are very similar it may come out looking all one color (which is fine if that’s what you want!) You can also blend two colors together (see below!)

Try blending 2 colors together to get unique looks! This sentiment is stamped on a white banner with a stamped banner below it using foam tape for the pop out effect.

Once you are finished with one area move the stencil to another area and repeat until you feel as though you are done. Stamp the sentiment onto the card directly or use another piece of card stock and foam tape to make it pop out! Finally, add any little embellishments you like or as shown below in the other 2 examples you can use washi tape.

Simple mandala stencil card with 3 sequins & one strip of gold washi tape, the sentiment is stamped directly onto the card front
Close up of the above card
The final card in the trio, a summery blend of colors & enamel dots with 3 strips of washi tape . The sentiment is stamped directly on the card front.

…and that’s it! Very easy and very fun to make! The color combinations are endless and at Amazon you can get a whole set of mandala stencils for relatively cheap!

Have fun and enjoy!

Simple Boutique Cards AECP Lesson

Simple Boutique Cards AECP Lesson

Today I worked on the first lesson of “Simple Boutique Cards” for AECP. I thought the first lesson in this course was lovely and so simple I really wanted to try it because I have always enjoyed using my micron pens for inking and adding fun doodles to watercolor.

I have started some of the other courses but I realized I needed to invest in a bit more supplies so when I saw this course I knew I definitely had everything needed for it. The first lesson focuses on a simple stamped design & inking to get the look of the minimalist cards seen in boutiques. How many times have you seen one and thought “that is so cute, so simple! I could make that!” But usually we buy it and we don’t make it – its easier that way! I’m guilty of it myself!

So after watching the video I knew I would love working with this style and I planned out a card right away. I have been wanting to try out the “Simple Flowers Stamp Set” (by Altenew of course!) I thought this lesson would be a great chance to use it!

I chose 3 stamps in different sizes and 3 similar colors that would look nice together. I also used 2 greens (one lighter one darker.) I tested my layout first on scrap paper before committing to the design.

I stamped each flower at least twice, first with the solid color, and second I tried to ink only around the edge. It worked best on the first two flowers from the left. I used the darker green to give more of a shadow color for the stems & leaves – if I did this again I would probably choose a much lighter green as it did not give me quite the difference I was going for.

A simple design using only a few stamps & colors + black micron pen

Finally I added some doodling with a black micron pen. This was a quick card for fun & practice. I can see where it could be improved upon if done a second time! But I enjoyed trying out this style and can see using it again for sure!

Thanks and stay tuned for more!

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful

A day late on this one but inspiration struck late last night (Memorial Day) and I whipped up this fun card.

  • Polka dot blue & white card stock
  • White card stock base
  • “Heart Beat” crisp dye ink (Altenew)
  • Stripe background stamp
  • Gold washi tape
  • Gold sequins
  • Sentiment & foam tape

I stamped the card base with a stripe stamp in Heart Beat red, then cut down the blue & white polka card stock to fit the left side of the card. Using gold washi tape I made a divider, then stamped the sentiment on white and attached with foam tape. Added the gold sequins for a touch of sparkle.

“America the Beautiful” Memorial Day card 🇺🇸

Thanks and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, we will never forget those that died fighting for our freedoms!

Squeeze the Day! – All About Layering 1

Squeeze the Day! – All About Layering 1

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend 🇺🇸

I spent quite a bit of time today working on my blog, creating a new logo, and getting everything working for both desktop and mobile devices! I must say I am very pleased with the outcome. Now onto the card…

I was able to finish a card that was sitting on my desk. This was done as one of my practice cards for the AECP course “All About Layering.” Honestly I don’t have that many “layering” stamps because when I started a while ago I enjoyed coloring stamps because I would typically paint or draw my designs and coloring stamps took out that one (long) step. But I must say I really enjoy layering stamps now and will have to grab more for my growing collection! When I first saw the stamp set by Altenew “Main Squeeze” I absolutely LOVED it! I couldn’t wait to use it, well I finally got a chance to use it!

I used 2 (total of 6) of the layering stamps in the set. I used the larger one for the lemon and the smaller one for the orange & lime. I have a few other ideas for this set too – so I’ll definitely be using it again very soon! After the images were stamped and dry I used my Brother Scan & Cut to cut them out. I did a simple striped background in pink & purple mixed ink, and foam tape to secure the fruit slices. Topped it off with one of the sentiments from the same set, a tiny fimo orange slice from a set of embellishments and a few dew drops.

It’s a bit busy and bright but I think it came out cute!

Squeeze the Day! Created with “Main Squeeze” stamp set by Altenew & Crisp Dye inks

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

New Handmade Cards & Bookmarks

New Handmade Cards & Bookmarks

Hello! Working on some of the AECP courses I created a quick “Hello” card during the All About Layering Class. It is a simple layering card with a single flower. I love the Altenew “Golden Garden” stamp set because it looks so flowing and hand drawn. I added some pale platinum stripes for a very simple background and a few sequins for a splash of color & sparkle!

“Hello” Golden Garden Altenew Stamp Set & Altenew Crisp Dye Inks, platinum ink for the striped background & sequins

I also recently purchased a few embossing folders to use with my die cut machine. I do most of my cutting with a Brother Scan & Cut but I HAD to have the “Big Shot” by Sizzix for embossing folders – they are so much fun! I have a few Altenew embossing folders but I was in a steampunk mood, I adore steampunk, and I did a quick test of this folder from Simon Says Stamp. I also created a “messy” background with brown inks & overplayed a piece or gold vellum.

Tim Holtz Embossing Folder, gold & copper inks, gold vellum

And lastly I also finished up some bookmarks yesterday! People seem to really love my steampunk bookmarks so I went with that theme using a variety of stamps, watercolors, and metallic watercolors. The metallic watercolors are a little hard to see unless they hit the light just right. The finishing touches are the tassels & charms!

Watercolor paper, watercolors, metallic watercolors, black ink & stamps, tassels, metal charms

That’s it for now! Thank you for stopping by! Have a creative day!