Simple Boutique Cards AECP Lesson

Simple Boutique Cards AECP Lesson

Today I worked on the first lesson of “Simple Boutique Cards” for AECP. I thought the first lesson in this course was lovely and so simple I really wanted to try it because I have always enjoyed using my micron pens for inking and adding fun doodles to watercolor.

I have started some of the other courses but I realized I needed to invest in a bit more supplies so when I saw this course I knew I definitely had everything needed for it. The first lesson focuses on a simple stamped design & inking to get the look of the minimalist cards seen in boutiques. How many times have you seen one and thought “that is so cute, so simple! I could make that!” But usually we buy it and we don’t make it – its easier that way! I’m guilty of it myself!

So after watching the video I knew I would love working with this style and I planned out a card right away. I have been wanting to try out the “Simple Flowers Stamp Set” (by Altenew of course!) I thought this lesson would be a great chance to use it!

I chose 3 stamps in different sizes and 3 similar colors that would look nice together. I also used 2 greens (one lighter one darker.) I tested my layout first on scrap paper before committing to the design.

I stamped each flower at least twice, first with the solid color, and second I tried to ink only around the edge. It worked best on the first two flowers from the left. I used the darker green to give more of a shadow color for the stems & leaves – if I did this again I would probably choose a much lighter green as it did not give me quite the difference I was going for.

A simple design using only a few stamps & colors + black micron pen

Finally I added some doodling with a black micron pen. This was a quick card for fun & practice. I can see where it could be improved upon if done a second time! But I enjoyed trying out this style and can see using it again for sure!

Thanks and stay tuned for more!