Welcome to the Cracked Egg!  This site is operated by myself, self taught digital artist Susan Justice.  Mom to 3 awesome kids, Aeden (12), Dj (6), and Katlyn (forever 18).

I have 2 years towards my Fine Arts degree, and I run a digital art shop at Renderosity,  Check it out HERE where you can find 3D models, clothing, backgrounds, tutorials, and more for your digital creations.  Previously I have worked at an art gallery, and also volunteered 2 years as a Gallery Moderator at deviantArt.com.  My work has been published in magazines such as ImagineFX.

I am married and live in SC with my 2 boys, and husband Andrew. My daughter passed away September 2014 after the death of her baby (my grandson) who was stillborn at full term March 28, 2014, and it is a daily struggle without her, I live with severe anxiety and PTSD.

We currently have 4 hens, Sophie, Camilla, Penny, & Rory, (Salmon Favorolles, White Leghorn, Easter Egger x’s2).

We have a small starter flock of 10 Jumbo Coturnix/Japanese Quail.

We also have a DYH Amazon Petri, a blue front Amazon Rico, and a blue crown Conure Lucy.  Lastly we have a rescued young cardinal named Tito Tweaker.  He was bitten by one of our outdoor cats after falling out of a nest when he was around 11-12 days old and so far he’s a survivor, he’s been with us for almost 2 years! We celebrate his birthday on the day we found him – Father’s Day!

The two outdoor cats we have were my daughters, a ginger named Griffin and her favorite – Lynxie – who she adopted from the shelter when he was just a tiny kitten and she loved him so so much. So now we care for her cats for her, and it’s quite obvious Lynx remembers and misses her.

I am on Instagram as CrackedEgglet, and FB as Sveva3D. You can also find me at Renderosity as Sveva, be sure to check out my shop HERE on Renderosity!

I am also a big GAMER!  I have played WoW since beta, also love D3, Fall Out, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls series, Tomb Raider, Far Cry Series, and GTA just to name a few.

I read –  A LOT!  My favorite author of all time is…Stephen King.  I absolutely love his work, also Justin Cronin and Gillian Flynn, Lisa Jewell, and Stephen Donaldson – pretty awesome stuff! My favorite genre is psychological thrillers.

That is all for now!

This is me recently March 2017